Snow Route Information for North Bend School District

Pick up (AM) and drop off (PM) times for snow days are as follows:

Route K AM/PM Route Times
If you live on Tiara St./Woodland Drive meet at North 8th St & Woodland Drive.
Times: 7:08 AM and 3:26 PM

If you live on Kristi Loop meet at North 8th St. & Kristi Loop.
Times: 7:12 AM and 3:31 PM.

If you live on Bonneville Rd. meet at North 8th St. and Bonneville Rd.
Times: 7:13 am and 3:32 PM


Route C AM/PM Route Times
If you live on Hilltop Dr. meet at OCC (Old Hardware Store)
Times: 7:06 AM and 4:06 PM

Route F AM/PM Route Times *
If you live on Ridge Road & Hollow Stump meet at North Bay Dr. & Hollow Stump.
Times: 6:40-6:45 AM and 3:22 PM (Elementary), 4:20 PM (MS/HS)

If you live on Haynes Way meet at North Bay Dr. & Haynes Way.
Times: 6:38 AM and 3:45 PM (Elementary/HS/MS)

*Special needs please call


SN-1 AM/PM Route Times
If you live on Carlson Heights meet at East Bay & Carlson Heights
Times: 7:10 AM and 3:50 PM


Route H & Route J
Normal pick up and drop off

For questions about Snow/Icy Routes, please contact Mid-Columbia Bus Company at 541-756-2341