Flood Route Information for North Bend School District

Route E/G
If you live on North Way Road meet at North Bay & North Way Road
Route E - (AM) 7:12 AM
Route E - (PM) 4:23 PM
Route G - (PM) 3:05 PM


Route S
If you live on Templeton, Majestic Shores, Kelso Road meet at the power station on Shutters Landing
Times: 6:45 AM and 4:01 PM


Route G
If you live on/off Larson Road meet at North Bay & Larson Road.
Times: 6:52 AM and 3:50 PM


Route X
If you live on Waite, Buccaneer Street meet at Kinney & Waite St.
Times: 6:53 AM and 4:17 PM


Route - I AM/PM meet at Kinney & Waite St.
Times: 6:55 AM and 3:43 PM


Route F
If you live on Haynes Way meet at North Bay & Haynes
Times: 6:38 AM and 3:45 PM

For questions about Flood Route, please contact Mid-Columbia bus Company at 541-756-2341

Flood routes could be put into place in the event of flooding conditions.