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Bulldog Unsung Hero Form
Check Requisition Form
Child Neglect Referral Form
Competitive Quotes Evaluation Form
District Mileage Chart 
End of Year Checkout - Classified
End of Year Checkout - Teachers
Evaluation form for classified
Expense Voucher
Goal Setting Form 
Mileage Report - Form 
NBSF Grant Request Form
PDU Guidelines
Purchase Request Form 
Request For Non-District Software
SAIF Incident Form
Self Assessment Data Form 
Self Assessment Ruberic
Self Assessment Spreadsheet
Student Accidental Injury Report
Substitute Sick Leave Guide
Substitute Sick Leave Request Form
Transportation Waiver
Tuition Reimbursement Form
Unblock Website Request Form

Staff Handbooks
English Language Learner Handbook
Evaluation & Accountability
Handbook for Educators

Staff Handbook
TAG Handbook

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Best Practices in Fair Use

Coronavirus Response Act
Cleaning Epson Projector Filters
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OEBB Insurance 

NBHS Fundraiser Form
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Self Assessment Worksheet
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Supplemental Retirement Saving Opportunities
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Trimester Calendar 20-21

Certified Union Contract:
July 1 2019- June 30th 2021

Classified Union Contract:
July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2020

Medical Leave:
FMLA/OFLA Leave Request
FMLA Rights & Responsibilities
Medical Certification - Family
Medical Certification - Employee

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Purchase Requests

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School Bell Schedules
High School, Middle School
Hillcrest, North Bay

Scholarship Opportunities
Grand Canyon University

Supplemental Retirement Saving Opportunities:
403b TSA Plan 457b DCP

Workers Compensation:
Incident Report (Non Medical)
Workers Comp Claim Form
Workers Comp Claim Q/A