Staff Contact information

NBSD Office Staff Email Phone
Superintendent Bill Yester 541-751-6797
Administrative Assistant to Superintendent Cheri Schreiber 541-751-6797
Curriculum Director Tiffany Rush 541-751-6782
Director of Elementary Education Bruce Martin 541-756-8351
Administrative Assistant to Special Programs Kara Moore 541-751-6774
Special Education Director Allyson McNeill 541-751-6773
State Testing Coordinator Tiffany Rush 541-751-6782
State Reporting/Curriculum Assistant Melanie Moeller 541-751-6787
Indian Education Coordinator Annette Brainard 541-756-2521
Business Manager Sherri O'Connor 541-751-6770
Director of Human Resources Brad Bixler 541-751-6796
Human Resources Assistant Michelle Collicott 541-751-6784
Food Services Linda Gault 541-751-6780
Maintenance Mark Koechel 541-751-6797
Aspire Career & Readiness Coordinator Ginny Prickett 541-751-7105
Graduation Coach Marcia Marchant 541-751-7215
McKinney-Vento Family Advocate Kristi Kutch 541-294-4342
Payroll Toni Johnson 541-751-6771
Payroll Anna Burgmeier 541-751-6771
Accts Payable/Purchasing Kari Lucero 541-751-6772
Accountant Rebecca Redell 541-751-6795
Technology Joe Frischman 541-751-6791
Front Desk Secretary Jason Moore 541-751-6777
Hillcrest Elementary Schools
Principal Jon Davison 541-756-8348
Vice Principal Colleen Reeves 541-756-8348
North Bay Elementary School
Principal Bruce Martin 541-756-8351
Vice Principal Tim Crider 541-756-8351
North Bend Middle School
Principal Ralph Brooks 541-756-8341
Vice Principal Bill Lucero 541-756-8341
Registrar Michelle Lucero 541-751-7285
Attendance Gail Sprague 541-751-7294
Elementary & MS Libraries Laurie Nordahl 541-751-7129
North Bend High School
Principal Darrell Johnston 541-756-8328
Assistant Principal Jake Smith 541-756-8328
Athletics/Activities Mike Forrester 541-751-7159
Student Services Mindy Dubisar 541-751-7183
Attendance Corky Clark 541-751-7182
Library Laurie Nordahl 541-751-7129