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The Student Investment Account represents a historic commitment to our students. Learn more about how the North Bend School District will use this investment to provide our students with the best education possible

When implemented for the 20-21 academic school year, the Student Investment Account will provide an investment directly to Oregon school districts and eligible charter schools. The Student Investment Account is a non – competitive grant program, and the purpose is to:

  1. Meet students’ mental or behavioral health needs.
  2. Increase academic achievement for students, including reducing academic disparities for historically and currently underserved youth.

The North Bend School District is expected to receive about $2,000,000 to put towards these efforts. Through our engagement work, we have drafted goals that reflect our community’s valuable feedback and align with the mission of the Student Success Act.

Student Success Act Conversation


“We need a program for kids that gives them a chance to learn at their own rate.”
“I’d like to see more classes and certificates added to the CTE program.”
“I think we need more teachers at the elementary level to provide smaller classes.”
“Communication is the key to success; make sure parents know what is happening in our schools and community.”
“Just support our teaching staff in any way we can!”
“The best improvement I can suggest is having more staff, like counselors, extra help so students feel safe and someone to talk to.”

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District Engagement

District Engagement

Community Engagement Meeting
October 7, 2019

Staff Input Sessions October 11, 2019

Online Survey
195 Responses from Parents, Students, and Community Members

Direct Parent & Student Outreach
38 Interviews of families navigating poverty, students with disabilities, foster families, emerging bilingual students, and underserved race/ethnicity

Native American Family Night - November 20, 2019

Monthly Board Updates

SIA Public Hearing
Tuesday, March 3, 2020
NB City Hall
5:30 p.m.


  1. Increasing reading achievement, including reducing academic disparities for students experiencing poverty, student with disabilities, and our students from underserved race/ethnicity.
  2. Improve mathematics achievement, ensuring all students successfully complete Algebra by the end of 9th grade.
  3. Develop and improve multiple pathways to graduation that link our CTE programs and post-high school success.
  4. Create and support a school culture that addresses the safety needs and the social emotional needs of our students.
  5. Build and develop Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategies into our instructional core work with our students, teachers, and content to create a strong foundation to support every student.

OUR DRAFT Investments

  • Additional Social Emotional Learning Specialist at each school (Counselors, Social Worker, Psychologist, etc.)
  • K-2 Class Size Reduction – 20 students or less
  • High School Alternative Pathways Program
    • Alternative Ed Teachers
    • Alternative Ed Counselor/Social Worker
    • Alternative Ed Support Staff
  • Extended Day Opportunities at All Levels (Summer School, After School, Bridge Program 5th to 6th & 8th to 9th)
  • Transportation for extended day activities (Vans or Busses)
  • Expand current Career & Technical Education (CTE)/Vocational Programs
    • Ex: Science/Horticulture Expansion in Culinary Program
  • Middle School Introduction to Career & Technical Education Opportunities
  • Safety & Security Upgrades
    • Access Control at each building
    • Safety Fencing, signs, and/or landscaping
  • HS Academic Tutoring Center, Expand to MS
  • Social Emotional Learning Professional Development (Character Strong)
  • Professional Development to build Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Schools
  • Licensed Elementary Librarian
  • Additional Nursing Services (Licensed Nurse Practitioners or Registered Nurse at each school)
  • Instructional Literacy and Data Coach at Elementary Level
  • Achievement Via Individual Determination – K-12 Professional Development focused on closing opportunity gaps and preparing ALL students for success.
  • K-5 Literacy Program that fosters Social Emotional Learning
  • Literacy and Data Support Specialist for Middle School
  • Behavior Skills Trainer in Elementary Schools (Transition staff to these roles)
  • Family Outreach Specialist & Communications
  • Data Systems Professional Development (Additional Days/Time)


SIA Public Hearing
March 3, 2020 @ 5:30 p.m.
North Bend City Hall
835 California Avenue

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Student Success Act Flyer

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Please visit the Oregon Department of Education's Student Success Act webpage for more information.