"Educating students for their world, not ours.


History of ORCO TECH

  How did ORCO TECH come into existence?  
  Oregon Coast Technology School is the shared vision of of many people in the North Bend School District.  Teams of educators in the District began working together writing grants in 1994.  Along the way, the question was asked, "What can we do better to help kids get a quality education in North Bend?"  Voters in North Bend passed a bond levy for schools.  Out of bond levy funds came a new technology building and District personnel began the process of finding money sources to support more technology curriculum.  A team of District staff wrote and applied for a charter school grant for a "school within a school."  Thus, Oregon Coast Technology School was born.


  What is the mission and vision of ORCO Tech?  
  ORCO TECH is a vision for the future: "Educate students for their world, not ours."  Information technology (IT) can be used to enhance lifelong learning for students in positive and meaningful ways.  ORCO TECH"s vision allows students the opportunity for change and adaptability giving them the ability to connect to personal goals.  Educating students at ORCO TECH, information technology fluency requires "...three kinds of interdependent knowledge that must be taught in concert:  Skills, concepts, and capabilities.  Skills are necessary for job preparedness, productivity, and other aspects of fluency...concepts explain how and why information technology works.  Capabilities, essential for problem solving, include managing complex systems as well as testing solutions."

Creativity, Innovation, Flexibility: The ORCO TECH vision is to prepare students to use technology in all aspects of their leaning. Partnerships with member of the community (business, volunteer, senior citizens, public sector), parents, staff, students and the local community college are being formed to design , implement and manage all facets of the magnet school.  Integrating technology into all classroom curricula: implementing self-directed learning strategies for students; emphasizing reading and writing from a math/science/technical perspective: and encouraging research-based, best-practice teaching methods, (example Cisco Academy, Oracle Academy) are some of the innovative educational approaches that will be used.



  What is a school within a school?  
  ORCO TECH students at the sixth, seventh and eighth grade levels actually attend classes in North Bend Middle School classrooms; similarly ninth and tenth grade students attend classes in North Bend High School.  They take classes similar to the students at either school; however, they experience different methods of "curriculum delivery"; thus the "school-within-a-school" slogan.
 To contact the ORCO TECH School:
        Mr. Jim Moyer
        Director of Curriculum and Instruction
        North Bend School District
        1913 Meade Street
        North Bend, OR 97459
        Phone:  541-756-8307