Oregon State Report Cards

Oregon Department of Education Release School and District Report Cards

The Oregon Department of Education released report cards for all Oregon schools and districts this week. The report cards for the North Bend School District and all schools within the district provide a snapshot of student demographics, performance on state assessments, and specific programs and electives offered at individual schools. The report cards include data from the 2018-19 assessments as well as graduation data from 2017-18.

District and school report cards give district leaders indicators of student performance and provide a broad view of student data. School data teams continually review group and individual student data looking for patterns and linkages with risk factors that can include attendance, grades, and credits earned. Identifying these patterns ensures that students receive the help they need to be successful in school.

“I am especially proud of the district’s continued improvement in On-Time graduation, hitting its highest recorded level of 88%!” noted Superintendent Kevin Bogatin. “I also want to recognize that North Bend High School also improved its Five-Year completion rate by 15% to 92%. While our on-track to graduation increased to 78%, which measures students earning one-quarter of their graduation credits in their 9th grade year, for the district to reach the state goal of 90% on-time graduation by 2025, we will need to continue to focus on supporting our students entering high school.”

Mathematics is an area of focus for the district. This year the high school and middle school are participating in year-long professional development in Mathematics focusing on best practices in math instruction. ’“While it is one data point for consideration,” shares Bogatin, “our focus continues to be that all students successfully complete Algebra I by the end of ninth grade.”

One of the metrics of high importance to the North Bend School District is 3rd-grade reading achievement. The district is beginning a review and adoption process for a new elementary English Language Arts curriculum. The district is confident that with new materials and supports, reading achievement will see significant improvement in the coming years.

While it still does not give a complete picture of school performance, this district report card provides an accessible at-a-glance report. Of note, the North Bend district data includes nearly 2000 children who attend Oregon Virtual Academy, which is an online charter school. While that school data is important to review and monitor, it has a significant impact on district-wide data. Please take a look at ODE school report cards for more specific results of your neighborhood school. District and school report cards also provide information about staff composition and demographics.

At a Glance Reports
The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) produces yearly at-a-glance profiles for schools and districts. These reports, called for by the 1999 state legislature, provide educators with an opportunity to communicate directly with parents and community members about how local schools are performing.
ODE redesigned the school and district profiles in 2018, with input from parents and families who represent students and student groups who are historically underserved.
Please use this Frequently Asked Questions link for more details on these revised reports.

Hillcrest Elementary School - English
Hillcrest Elementary School - Spanish 
North Bay Elementary School - English
North Bay Elementary School - Spanish   
North Bend Middle School - English
North Bend Middle School - Spanish 
North Bend High School - English
North Bend High School - Spanish 
Oregon Virtual Academy - English
Oregon Virtual Academy - Spanish
North Bend School District - English
North Bend School District - Spanish 

2018-19 ESSA District Accountability Details Report
The Accountability Details Report displays district level data on the indicators used by the accountability system to identify schools for comprehensive or targeted supports as required by Oregon’s State Plan under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). This report displays data for nine Indicators:
English language arts (ELA) and Mathematics Achievement, ELA and Mathematics Growth, Regular Attenders, 9th Grade On-Track, Four-Year Cohort Graduation, Five- Year Completers, and On Track to English language proficiency (ELP).
Where appropriate, these indicators are also broken out by grade bands. These grade bands are Elementary (Kindergarten through 5th grade), Middle (6th through 8th grade), and High (9th through 12th grade).

Hillcrest Accountability Details Report
North Bay Accountability Details Report
NBMS Accountability Details Report
NBHS Accountability Details Report
Oregon Virtual Academy Accountability Details Report
NBSD Acccountability Details Report
Restraint and Seclusion Report 2018-19

For more information on State Report Cards: State Report Card Data Information

For further explanation please contact:
Kevin Bogatin - Superintendent
541-751- 6797
Tiffany Rush - Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment