About North Bend...

North Bend is a town on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, bounded by the waters of Coos Bay, in Coos County, along the southern Oregon coast.  The International Port of Coos Bay is considered to be the best natural harbor between Puget Sound and San Francisco.  Approximately 10,000 people make their homes in North Bend.  Forest products, fishing, agriculture, shipping, and recreation figure predominately in the economy of the area.  Together with its near neighbors, North Bend creates a center of population for 30,000 people.  Of these, approximately 2,200 are students in North Bend District Schools.

About North Bend School District...
The North Bend School District comprises an area of 187 square miles.  Four schools provide educational services for children in grades kindergarten through twelve.  There are two elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. Hillcrest (grades k through 4) is the elementary school within the city limits of North Bend.  Rural North Bay Elementary School holds classes for students from kindergarten through fifth grades.  This school is approximately 20 miles north of the North Bend city limits.

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