Community Networking Initiative
Sponsored by HEAL
A subcommittee of the Community Health Improvement Plan for Coos county

Healthy Life

Healthy Bytes is a one-year pilot project designed to unify health messaging across multiple community sites. Content has been developed by a Registered Dietitian with Oregon State University Extension.
Each month one food will be highlighted through:
 11 x 17 Color posters
 Table tents for school lunch or worksite break rooms, restaurants, cafes, etc.
 Two-sided color handouts with monthly food information, nutrition facts and recipes.
 Short article on the food item for use in newsletters or e-blasts.

Healthy Living

HEAL is the Healthy Eating Active Living subcommittee of the Coos County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).

The HEAL subcommittee supports a healthy Coos County in which to live, work and play.
We would like to partner with you in HEAL’s Healthy Bytes initiative to create a healthy, thriving community.

In addition, short articles will be created by HEAL for use in monthly marketing and partner newsletters. Sponsoring partners will have logos or company titles displayed on marketing materials.Healthy Bytes Puzzle

Besides possible health benefits to the community, HEAL anticipates this initiative may achieve measurable and sustainable outcomes like:
 Creating and expanding a network of like-minded partners who can deliver unified health messages across the county.
 Increasing community engagement at health events and programs
 Increasing foot-traffic and sales for businesses

HEAL Committee

Stephanie Polizzi, Chair
OSU Extension FCH
Wk: 541-572-5263, ext 25291
Mobile: 541-404-7982

Renee Menkens, Assistant chair
OHSU School of Nursing

Shena Holliday
Healthy Bytes Coordinator

Organizations Represented
Bay Area Hospital
Community Advisory Committee
Coos Health & Wellness
Dept of Human Services
Friends of Public Health
NeighborWorks Umpqua
OHSU School of Nursing
OHSU Campus for Rural Health
OSU Extension FCH & SNAP-Ed
United Way of SW OR
Western Oregon Advanced Health

Sponsors of Healthy Bytes
Bay Area Hospital
Oregon State University Extension Western Oregon Advanced Health


Monthly Article
Food Handout
Dried Beans
Dried Beans

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