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Updated June 21, 2006

North Bend School District Office
  Superintendent BJ Hollensteiner 541-756-8304
  Administrative Assistant to Superintendent Darla Moorman 541-756-8304
  Director of Curriculum Jim Moyer 541-756-8307
  Administrative Assistant to Curriculum Director Stephanie Martin 541-756-8307
  Special Education Director Pat Johnson 541-756-2521
  Indian Education Coordinator Annette Brainard 541-756-2521
  Business Manager Sherri Flora 541-756-7321
  Personnel Secretary Chris Smith 541-751-6791
  Food Service Rhonda Hoffine 541-756-8305
  Maintenance Allan McGrath 541-756-8337
  Payroll Toni Johnson 541-756-0158
  Accts Payable/Purchasing Leslie Gabel 541-756-0615
  Technology Suzy Callery 541-751-0857
Hillcrest Elementary Schools
  Principal Bruce Martin 541-756-8348
North Bay Elementary School
  Head Teacher Colleen Reeves 541-756-8351
North Bend Middle School
  Principal Vince Swagerty 541-756-8341
  Assistant Principal Jon Davison 541-756-8341
  Student Services   541-756-8342
  Library Elizabeth Baumgartner 541-751-7282
North Bend High School
  Principal Wade Lester 541-756-8328
  Assistant Principal Kevin Bogatin 541-756-8328
  Athletics/Activities Boyd Bjorkquist 541-751-7159
  Student Services Mindy Dubisar 541-751-7183
  Attendance Gail Sprague 541-751-7182
  Library Laurie Nordahl 541-751-7129

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