North Bend's Superintendent...Kevin Bogatin

The North Bend School District is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Kevin Bogatin as superintendent.

Mr. Yester holds a superintendent certificate and earned his Master's Degree in Educational Administration from George Fox University. He has been the Vice Principal at North Bend High School for the last 8-1/2 years. Before that he served as Dean of Students, Athletic Director, football coach and science teacher for Myrtle Point School District.

He moved to Coos County 15 years ago from Craig, Colorado where he was a science teacher and head coach of both the baseball and football teams. After his graduation from Colorado State and before moving to Craig, CO, Mr. Yester spent a year teaching in South Dakota.

Mr. Yester grew up in the Chicago area, but has made his home here in North Bend with his wife of nearly 38 years, Kim Yester. Kim is a speech and language assistant at South Coast ESD. Together they have two sons. Their oldest son, Jason, runs and owns his own successful business in Colorado and their youngest son Ben lives in town with his wife, Amber Yester. Ben is a teacher at Hillcrest Elementary and Amber is the band teacher/director for North Bend High School.

The board looks forward to working with Mr. Yester, staff and the community to continue to provide a quality education to our students.

Office of Superintendent:

Implementing the Common Core will be the focus at NBSD. So what is the Common Core and where did it come from? The Common Core was developed by a group of people from across the United States from schools, colleges, state departments of education, business leaders, and parents. The group's goal was to develop a set of expectations for student learning in math, reading, and writing that would prepare students for college and/or the workplace with the needed skills to be successful. The Common Core has high expectations for student learning that are critical to their success as employees and leaders in the coming years. The Common Core Standards have been adopted by 48 states and over the next few years, students in Oregon will be compared to students in other states.

During the school year, many staff members in the North Bend District attended meetings to learn about the Common Core and what it will take to implement the new expectations into the current curriculum, how to assess students' progress, and what steps to take when students are not successful. The implementation of the Common Core must be fully implemented by the 2014-15 school year as children across the nation will be assessed by a common test on their progress toward meeting the goals and expectations at their grade level. Students here in Oregon will be compared to students across the nation.

Professional Learning Communities or PLCs are an integral part of implementing the Common Core. In a PLC, teachers will meet to discuss student progress toward the Common Core, identify instructional strategies that will be the most effective for teaching the Common Core, and tracking student progress to make decisions about how to help students who are not meeting the expected level as well as challenge those who have met or exceeded the expected level. In these PLCs, teachers will also review student progress data, develop assessments, discuss which instructional strategies will be the most effective for teaching certain Common Core expectations, and review materials so students have the right books and/or sites that will assist them in learning the content.

Parental support is critical to moving forward with this initiative. Research has proven parental support and expectations are key to student success. Reading aloud to younger students helps them become readers, talking with older students about what they are learning helps them see the importance of studying and turning in their work, and checking on their grades through the district’s online grade book will help students understand the importance of learning and taking responsibility to do their homework.

The Common Core has raised expectations for learning to a higher level so students are ready to meet the demands of college, employment, and living in our fast paced and complex world.

We are going to be asking students to learn at higher and more complex levels. It will take all of us to assure their success.

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To contact Kevin Bogatin, please call 541-751-6797.






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